Restorative Justice Hubs

In 2012, CJYI began working with community, faith-based and academic organizations to develop Restorative Justice Hubs (RJ Hubs) in Chicago’s communities of color most impacted by crime and violence. The RJ Hubs are a community-led restorative justice approach to reduce youth violence and admissions into juvenile court. 

The Hubs provide safe places in the community. Youth are welcomed and supported in building healthy relationships and expressing themselves, addressing trauma and developing necessary skills and competencies. RJ Hubs use a trauma-informed care model that engages participants in many activities. This includes the restorative justice practice of peace circles, as a means to help youth, families and communities reconcile and heal. There is currently a network of community-based RJ Hubs in 7 Chicago neighborhoods most impacted by crime and violence. They engage juvenile court, probation, police, schools, etc. in an understanding of restorative justice practices. 

The activities of the RJ Hubs are grounded in five pillars or principles, including: 

  • Radical Hospitality (providing a welcoming and hospitable place)
  • Accompaniment (of youth in their journey)
  • Building Relationships (with youth and family)
  • Relentless Engagement (of systems and resources) 
  • Learning Community (aka the Leadership Circle, a collaboration and learning community with other Hubs).

CJYI continues to be part of the Leadership Circle, and is instrumental in administering and developing the network of the RJ Hubs that allows for ongoing sharing of knowledge and coordination of resources. CJYI provides RJ trainings and support as the Hubs work toward implementing and deepening restorative justice within their organizations and communities.