Training and Technical Assistance

Available services

Introduction To Restorative Justice Workshops

The philosophy and practices of restorative justice are illuminated in this one hour to full day workshop designed to meet the needs of participants. Restorative justice practices are being implemented in schools, community and juvenile justice settings to build relationships and trust, improve communication, resolve conflicts, address safety and disciplinary issues and promote healing. This workshop is appropriate for all ages.

Peacemaking Circle Workshop

This experiential workshop fosters healthy communication, relationship-building and familiarizes participants with the peacemaking circle process.

Four-Day Peacemaking Circle Keeper Training (See Note)

A four-day experiential training prepares participants to facilitate peacemaking circles in the community, schools and juvenile justice settings. Participants learn the fundamental elements of circles including ritual, story-telling, creating safe space, establishing shared values, building relationships and trust, and consensus decision-making. 

This training will prepare participants to facilitate check-ins and celebration circles; we believe the depth of experience necessary to prepare participants to keep circles involving serious conflict and deep emotional issues will require additional training and circle keeping experience.


NOTE: We have made some changes due to the current pandemic.

Limited Peacemaking Circle Training

A modified experiential training experience which covers the fundamentals of the peacemaking circle process. This two day training does not provide participants with the breadth of experience of a four-day training.

Technical Assistance And Coaching Sessions

The TA and Coaching Sessions provide a space for trained circle keepers to address challenges in conducting or implementing circles, share experiences, receive feedback and participate in peer-to-peer problem-solving.

Circle Facilitation 

CJYI staff facilitate peacemaking circles to promote healing, resolve conflicts and provide safe spaces for difficult conversations.

Monthly Circles

Monthly circles for trained circle-keepers to support and encourage one another while they build their skills. See tentative dates for the circle for circle keepers below. 

Advanced Circle Keeper Training: